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Women Breaking Through Leadership Stefania Lucchetti

Women Breaking Through Leadership

Stefania Lucchetti

Published December 27th 2011
Kindle Edition
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 About the Book 

Women are closing the gender gap at all levels of employment. All levels, that is, except top leadership positions: while women outnumber men in universities and in the first 10 years of top paying jobs, there is a sudden drop in numbers at top management levels. That is where the glass ceiling suddenly appears.Women have, sometimes more than their male counterparts, a need for balance. While men seem to walk through their lives in a straight line, women often need to juggle time and energies from different areas of their existence and then carry the burden (and the joy) of integrating them all.In this groundbreaking work the authors explore the lives and thoughts of remarkable women in leadership positions in South East Asia. What actions have enabled them to reach top leadership positions? What kind of infrastructure and support systems in organizations contribute to women’s leadership?Along the way the authors offer a new theory: women who have threaded the path of leadership have found ways to successfully integrate all aspects of their lives. So the issue isn’t so much whether women can have it all, but rather how to integrate it all – and each woman succeeds at it in her own individual way. Some do it by aptly surrounding themselves with supportive environments that can help them through the first years of childrearing, others by boldly seeking opportunities and demanding promotions without undermining their femininity.Be inspired by the stories of these great women who don’t separate life from work in a surgical manner. As a result, they are all passionate for what they do, which in turn gives them the power to influence the outside world, make an impact and leave an indelible mark.The authors have interviewed twelve women at the top, all individually featured in this book:1. Anson Chan (former Hong Kong Chief Secretary for Administration and first woman to hold this post)2. Junko Nakagawa (CFO at Nomura and rated one of the 10 most influential women in Asia)3. Christine Loh (Former Legislator and founder of think thank Civic Exchange)4. Teresa Ko (Managing Partner at Freshfields greater China)5. Connie Carnabuci (Partner at Freshfields)6. Marie-Amelie Hoffman (GM of LVMH jewellery and watches)7. Deborah Kan (journalist at the Wall Street Journal)8. Rainbow Pan (CEO of ipac)9. Catherine Bradley (Head of Equity Linked Solutions Group, Credit Suisse)10. Angelina Kwan, Managing Director at Stratford upon Avon Finance Limited11. Yana Peel (leading arts philanthropist and founder of Outset)12. Rachel Huf (Managing Director, Legal at Barclays Capital)