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Sudoku-to-Go: 125 Portable Puzzles Mort Woodman

Sudoku-to-Go: 125 Portable Puzzles

Mort Woodman

Published May 30th 2006
ISBN : 9780517229651
144 pages
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 About the Book 

While this isnt the specific sudoku book Ive been working on, it is representative of my newest OBSESSION. When my entire family came down with a hellish flu a few weeks ago, my friend Walker brought over tea, soup, jello, and ... sudoku. For the next two weeks, I got feverish if I didnt have a pen within reach when I sat down with the baby. My milk supply got all out of whack, too, because I could only do puzzles while nursing on the right side, because I needed my left hand free to write ... but then (whew!) I discovered that my new phone has sudoku on it, and I can use the stylus with either hand! After carefully balancing out my milk over the next few days, I moved from the Easy puzzles to Medium, incurring only the scorn of my husband and son, who would really have liked to have a conversation with me every once in a while without me glancing down every few seconds and making tiny notations in my book. Id like to announce that Im better now, and I havent touched a puzzle in at least four days, and NO, it doesnt have anything at all to do with the fact that Ive lost my stylus ....