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Subota Ian McEwan


Ian McEwan

Published May 2007
330 pages
Enter the sum

 About the Book 

Hello everybody,Im Henry Perowne and welcome to a day in my life... a Saturday to be precise. Im a good natured sort of chap, if I were famous Id probably be saddled with the tag of thinking womens crumpet, but personally I take myself much to seriously to acknowledge that kind of thing. Im a successful neurosurgeon who enjoys long, descriptive and adjective laden games of squash with my erudite and debonair colleagues. Today, for once in my incredibly lucky and wealthy life, I had a spot of bad luck and pranged my top of the range Merc. This led to an encounter which can, at best, be described as unpleasant. The thugs in the red BMW gave me a bit of a pasting which left me with a cracking haematoma over my sternum. However, my extensive medical knowledge allowed me to diagnose one of my attackers with a genetically inherited degenerative disease on the spot. This allowed me to escape, quick-smart, while they brooded over their own mortality.Later, after welcoming home my improbably talented and successful 16 year old Blues Musician son and my improbably talented and successful published poet daughter there was another small altercation. This time however the ebb and flow of violent modern day life breached the walls of this englishmans pricey Georgian Castle and things took a turn for the worse.Needless to say, my calculating surgeons mind and spirited, courageous family pulled together to best the simian-like thugs. Ironically it then fell to me to save said thug with an emergency neurosurgical procedure. Lifes funny that way. I wrapped up the whole day the way it began- by making love to my improbably talented and successful wife and then having a little bit of a wistful ponder about my own mortality while considering it in perspective against a backdrop of modern foreign policy.