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The Abyssal Night (Echoes of Oblivion #1) Courtney M. Privett

The Abyssal Night (Echoes of Oblivion #1)

Courtney M. Privett

Published February 11th 2013
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 About the Book 

Never question. Never protest. Never reveal your true nature. These are the tenets of King Rastabans reign. He is many things to many people – murderer, visionary, tyrant, brilliant leader, charismatic madman – but to Sevilen, he has only ever been two things. Brother and rescuer.Sevilen has always seen past the gleaming veil which shrouds the tormented monster within Rastaban, but the greater world has remained contently unaware until now. Rastabans innovative technological revolution threatens to overshadow his far more sinister cause – the extermination of the Geophorian priests, a widespread and ancient society of innate magic users long removed from their golden age.Rastabans ruthless ambition crowds even the most stalwart into fearful corners, yet there is still hope lurking in the shadows. Sevilen is waking from a world of childhood dreams into a nightmarish adulthood of destruction and chaos. Scholarly and narcoleptic young Sevilen must learn to quell his timidness in order to quietly subvert Rastabans destructive and genocidal campaign from within the monarchy before everything he loves from afar is lost.Sevilen is not alone in his covert resistance, although his distant allies are unaware of his mutinous fantasies and see him as only an ally of the king. A rebellion is born among the last scattered survivors of the Geophorian culture. Will their avenging alliance topple Rastabans empire and save the world, or is Malora fated to fall in spite of – or because of – their desperate crusade to save it?The Abyssal Night is the first volume of the Echoes of Oblivion trilogy.