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Python Pushing the Limits Mike Müller

Python Pushing the Limits

Mike Müller

Published August 22nd 2014
ISBN : 9781118758960
400 pages
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 About the Book 

Free Python to be all it can beOpen source Python is among the top ten programming languages worldwide, with diverse uses ranging from enterprise-level corporate solutions to programming with Raspberry Pi. If youre an experienced developer, this guide will help you take your Python programs to a higher level. Explore whats new in Python 3, venture into metaprogramming, learn about functional and aspect-oriented programming with Python, and understand small and large scale optimization. Learn about Python tools, testing, best practices, scientific tools, and more.The popular Python open source programming language is used for everything from enterprise-level corporate solutions to Raspberry Pi programming to programming for Google, Spotify, and the BBCThis guide gives experienced developers the expert guidance necessary to push Python to its limits, optimizing, extending, and complementing itExamines whats new in Python 3 and ventures into metaprogramming, decorators, descriptors, functional programming, and aspect-oriented programming with PythonAlso covers a practical definition of Pythonic, with examples- optimization, including small and large scale and profiling- virtualenv, pylint, and other tools- best practices- scientific Python tools- and standard library reviewPython Programming Pushing the Limits is a deep dive into advanced Python that will help even knowledgeable developers push the language to its limits.