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The Lost Bank Kirsten Grind

The Lost Bank

Kirsten Grind

Published September 15th 2012
ISBN : 9781470825669
Enter the sum

 About the Book 

Mrs. Grind was originally on the right track with her research back in the ealy days of the WAMU saga but somewhere along the way, she forgot to include all the juicy bits of the story, i.e. corporate espionage and corrupt collusion between Jamie Dimon and Sheila Bair leading up to the takedown of WAMU by the FDIC and subsequent overnight firesale single bidder auction of WAMU assets to JPM for fractions of a penny on the dollar. Washington Mutual was a solivent bank at the time it was taken down and Washington needed a fall guy (mainstreet bank) to bite the dust in order to unleash TARP. Conveniently, Jamie Dimon needed to expand Chases branches to the west coast via Project West in addition to addressing JPMs own troubled balance sheet at the time. Jump forward to present date and watch as assets are slowly rolled out of obscure places to be reflected on JPMs balance sheet like the recent $30 billion value discovered in the apartment loans that were part of WAMUs portfolio. Tens if not hundreds of billions more to be discovered that were taken from WAMU shareholders in an ongoing story of fraud and corruption of the highest order. Wait, watch and see. This book is only a preface to the complete story that is still unfolding.