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I was a mermaid for a day Yonit Werber

I was a mermaid for a day

Yonit Werber

Published December 2nd 2013
Kindle Edition
29 pages
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 About the Book 

Have you ever wondered what it must be like to be a mermaid? Would you like to be one for just a day?In our story, a young girl tells us about her day as a mermaid. She and her parents would visit the beach every day to build castles, swim and enjoy the warm sand and gentle surf. On falling asleep one night, in her dream she finds herself in the crystal clear waters of the ocean with the dolphins playing by her side. Realizing she is a mermaid, she swims to the ocean floor and discovers so many wonderful things. Being a mermaid, all the creatures of the sea ask her to sing. As she begins to sing she looks up for her parents, but realizes they aren’t in her dream with her. A knock on her elbow reminds her of how important her mother’s care is to her. She realizes that although it may be great to be someone special in the sea, it’s far better to be someone special to her parents.This beautifully-illustrated rhyming tale for children aged three to seven years old contains a strong message for kids. It should help them to understand that although they are always free to imagine different lives for themselves, the love from their parents will always be unmatched.